Heather Ross. I had to.

In case you don’t know much about fabric (I couldn’t name a single designer until about two weeks ago, and I’ve been researching ever since!), Heather Ross is a fabric designer. Her stuff tends to be pretty expensive, but it’s completely, amazingly intricate and adorable (Is it weird that all I do is look at fabric now?).


I just bought 8 fat quarters of her fabric from Pickled Pear Lane on Etsy. It was really too good of a deal to pass up — only $16 for 8 different quarter yards of the Mendocino line. The best way I can think to explain a fat quarter is to say if a yard were split into quadrants, a fat quarter would be a single quadrant, as opposed to a half yard cut from edge to edge (selvage to selvage) of a piece of fabric…does that make any sense?

Anyway, I did some quick math and discovered that, since Heather Ross’ stuff usually goes for around $10 a yard, I am getting a pretty good deal (there are definitely cheaper fabrics out there, but I’m discovering more and more that you DEFINITELY get what you pay for in textiles. Except for ridiculous markups, like paying $50/yard…then it’s just ridiculous). I will probably end up making a quilt with the fabric when I get it…maybe even two quilts! Hurrah!

Anyway, time for a few photos of this amazing stuff:

Mendocino Sea Horses in Aqua

Mendocino Sea Horses in Aqua

Mendocino Sea Horses in Natural

Mendocino Sea Horses in Natural

Mendocino Swim Class Pacific

Mendocino Swim Class Pacific

Mendocino Underwater Sisters in Natural

And these are only four of the fabrics I’m getting…Too adorable for words, eh?

Best part? I’ve already made enough in tips this past week to cover the fabric+shipping!

(Yay for tips!)




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  1. Heather Ross…I love her for making a mermaid pattern. I’m a mermaid!

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