Needle Roll


It’s finished!

I wanted to make a mini quilt (it’s about 11×18) to practice the quilting and binding steps before I quilt/bind Ezra’s quilt. It took me a few hours to sew on the binding, but I think it’ll be much easier the second time around. It turned out lovely, too. I think Tripp was really impressed! A few more photos:

I made it into a needle roll for all the lovely bamboo needles Tripp got me for Christmas last year. He’s amazing.

Speaking of Tripp being amazing, he got a job today! We moved to Austin a month or so ago with hopes that he’d get hired at an entertainment company, and today they offered him the job! We are so jazzed! We’re going out to dinner this week to celebrate. Hoorah!

Now on to lunch and then…Ezra’s quilt is calling to me. 🙂



3 Responses

  1. I love the fabric, the pics, and that your husband got a job!!! Mine is still looking 😦 But I’m way excited for you! You do a great job on your projects! You look like an old pro with that walking foot! Can’t wait to see the big quilt!

    (by the way, I found you from the MSQC forum aka stitchywoman)

  2. Very cute! Did you use a pattern for the needle roll? My friend is knitting me leg warmers, and I agreed to sew her something in exchange. Of course, a handy roll for her knitting needles was the natural choice, but I don’t knit and have no idea what would be the most functional!

    • Hey, Britt —

      No pattern, I just decided to wing it because I needed a needle roll for my own knitting needles. I’m sure there are better patterns out there. I basically made a tiny doll quilt with pockets and tied it with ribbon.

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