So, between quilting Ezra’s quilt, which I’m putting the finishing touches on currently, I’m looking at dress patterns. We have a company Christmas party approaching and I though it would be cool to make my own dress for the occasion (I admit it’s also because I don’t really own a cute/holiday friendly dress!).

Anywho, this is the pattern I’m looking at:


I’ve seen people make it with very wintry fabrics (this fellow blogger for instance…check out her entire blog, it’s so adorable and she makes great stuff!), and it looks fantastic…so, this may be part of my birthday prezzie from Tripp this year! Hurrah!



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  1. I just went to look at her dress. I was thinking that top layer could be see through material, although it is much cooler where you live. The material is also tough to work with, but it would be cool:) At least it is in my mind:)

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