Little things

I’ve been on a “useful items only” kick lately, meaning I’ve been sewing things I need rather than creating things I *want* — but not anymore! Take that, practical me! first, with the practical: Ayumi over at Pink Penguin posted a tutorial for a bento box lunch bag — I just had to make one! I’ve been taking my lunch to work in a plastic grocery bag. Not so cute. I thought using the Bento Box tutorial would be the perfect chance to get back some environmentally friendly karma (ha). Anyway, here it is:

Also, I made a few coasters this weekend. I don’t have a coffee table to use them with…yet! But I thought, better to have the coasters all ready for our move next month, when we may just buy a coffee table, right? (OK, so I am waaay ahead of myself and just wanted to use bits of the adorable Far Far Away Line!):

And lastly…my “frivolous” creation for the weekend. First, though, a bit of backstory: Tripp, my boyfriend, loves video games. So much so that he initially purchased his PS3 in 2008 because he was so excited about a single game. That game was Little Big Planet.

If you are familiar at all with LBP, you know it is the Cutest Game Ever and is filled will little Knitted Sack Persons Who Like Stickers and Costumes — it’s the equivalent of a character you can play dress up with. Additionally, you can build your own levels, which other people can play. (For the record, Tripp loves the make-your-own-levels part, while I am in the Let’s-See-How-Cute-These-Already-Adorable-Sack-People-Can-Be-By-Dressing-Them-Up-and-OOOOOH-Stickers! camp.

I have been meaning to make a Sack Person for Tripp for quite a while (since 2008!) and finally found an (unofficial) pattern online. Here’s my rendition:

Awww, isn’t he cute?

What did you make this weekend?



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