Today, I took a break from Ezra’s quilt to work on another that’s been in progress since June. Well, that’s when I bought the fabric, anyway…I wanted to use Heather Ross’ Mendocino line in a way that would show off the fabric but also be bright and fun. It was originally supposed to be a bento box quilt, but I’ve discovered the handkerchief style and now I can’t decide!

Which layout do you prefer?

Bento Box:


Let me know in the comments!



New Block on the Block

Here’s a sneak peek of…

The first block in Ezra’s quilt! Ezra is 3 months old, he’s my friend Griselda’s first baby, and he’s so cute I want to cuddle him! Unfortunately, I live in Austin and Gris lives in L.A., so she asked me to make him a quilt. She specifically requested reds, browns, and whites to match his baby gear — I threw in a bit of blue because I thought it would offset the darker colors nicely. Here’s the whole block:

I thought this would be a great time to use the wonky style log cabin blocks. It gives off a relaxed, creative, fun vibe — perfect for a little boy! What do you think?

On Tuesday, I bought some new yarn. It’s a bamboo blend, so it’s not only renewable, it’s also amazingly soft and is a gorgeous olive green.

Bonus: Odie is super pumped about it!

Tutorial for the hexagons is coming soon!


Goals of all sorts

I am one of those people who’s always got ideas ideas ideas floating about my noggin. Yesterday, for example, I was looking for oil for my sewing machine and walked out with new fabric. Oops! I am finally beginning to realize that without a list of things I need I am nearly hopeless, unless I’ve got hours to wander about and remember everything.

In that spirit, I’ve decided to make a list of quilting and sewing techniques I’d like to try/various things I’d like to make.

(from comfortstitching)
1. Hexagons. They’re so cute, and everyone is using them lately. I’m liking them as decoration on simple items like moleskines, or just as an accent to a quilt, like Ashley at Film in the Fridge has done.

2. Circles. They seem like they’d be difficult to sew, but they look so nice!
Image from A Commonplace Life
(from A Commonplace Life)

3. Wonky log cabin style blocks. All the excess trimmed fabric can be made into hexagons! (Can you tell I despair over throwing away any scrap, no matter how small? And that I love hexagons?)

(for sale here)

4. I have a sudden urge to make a potholder today. I might just do that right now!

(for sale here)

There are many more goals of mine with quilting, but I’ll stick to these for now. Don’t want to get too ahead of myself!



Today I had a Raku* moment in Joann fabrics.

Usually I don’t wander into fabric stores. I’ve had bad luck with certain chains carrying groan-inducing fabrics (like those my boyfriend, Tripp, chose for a quilt I have yet to make him). You know the ones. Covered in garish prints, not a single designer bolt in sight.

I know, I know. I sound like a freaking snob. It’s just that I don’t really want to use fabrics that don’t meet my cute (kawaii) standard. I’m super picky. Not to mention that I do most (all) of my fabric shopping online, where I know folks have heard of Heather Ross and Amy Butler and their ilk.

Anywho, I was wandering amongst the bolts, thinking about purchasing some muslin or a plain white cotton for background fabric when I was met with a beautiful sight:


Alexander Henry!

Needless to say, I bought some. Half a yard of the Juicy Lemons and just under a yard of the Apples&Pears — it was technically a remnant, so I got it for half price! Wahoo!

Also, I’m actually making progress on my Mendocino quilt. First, a pillow top I made to practice my piecing and quilting. I have an inkling I’ll look at this later with a fond “I can’t believe I thought that was decent looking” feeling.


Here are the blocks I’ve been working on…


I’ve promised myself I’d make a block a day. As you can see, I have 3 done so far, but I have all the other blocks planned out so I’ve only got to stitch them together and I’ll be set. Check out this lovely stack just waiting to be sewn!


*Raku is Japanese term used in ceramics — it means something along the lines of “pleasure” and “enjoyment”. Today’s word is brought to you by my college ceramics professor.