Sunday Stash #1

Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

I’ll be 25 on Wednesday. Apologies for the break in posts, but moving + new things at work + close friends of ours having a precious baby boy=me way too excited/busy to sit down and blog until now.

Tripp and I bought a car at the beginning of September. We love it. Here’s Tripp being a goof (I told him to pose with the car…this is what I get, haha):

We also moved into a new apartment, which we love. It’s much roomier, has a massive bathroom (Jack and Jill sinks are my new favorite thing!) and lots of other amazing bits. It feels like we’ve lived here forever, and it’s only been 2 months. I’m still in the process of makin’ things home-y and comfy. When it feels a bit more complete, I will post photos.

That’s all for now 🙂





Meanwhile, over at the table…

but finally…

…and that, my friends, is a day off well spent. Yay for Monday/Saturdays!

Itching to try…

Making this:

with this:

Heather Ross Far Far Away Roses in Dusk

…How will I do it, you ask? Oh, with a little something I bought yesterday…




So, between quilting Ezra’s quilt, which I’m putting the finishing touches on currently, I’m looking at dress patterns. We have a company Christmas party approaching and I though it would be cool to make my own dress for the occasion (I admit it’s also because I don’t really own a cute/holiday friendly dress!).

Anywho, this is the pattern I’m looking at:


I’ve seen people make it with very wintry fabrics (this fellow blogger for instance…check out her entire blog, it’s so adorable and she makes great stuff!), and it looks fantastic…so, this may be part of my birthday prezzie from Tripp this year! Hurrah!


Quilt Top progress


Tripp showing off the top so far.

I’m adding 3 more blocks today, sashing the whole thing around the outside, and then getting to work on the back. It’ll probably just be pretty simply pieced solids, since the front’s pretty busy. 🙂

Sorry about the photo quality — no sunshine today=overhead lights=harsh photos 😦

More when those blocks get sashed!


Vroom! Rawr!

I’ve decided to name Ezra’s quilt “Vroom! Rawr!” because of the numerous dinosaurs, animals and vehicles sprinkled about. Of course, Ezra can refer to it however he’d like (when he learns to talk!), I just have to have a name in my head to distinguish it from other quilts.

A peek at the new blocks I’ve done:

gotta love those lions!


Tripp and I had dinner tonight with an old friend of his that he worked with all during college. I was really happy to finally meet Andrew and his wife, Jenny — they were so much fun. We had dinner at a local and deliciously authentic Mexican food place. Mmm…those chicken tacos are to die for!

Also, this weekend one of my good friends from college got engaged. Congrats, honey! (I don’t want to say her name because I don’t know who she’s told). Her fiance is super nice and he is definitely a lucky guy, because she is a gem. They’ll be an amazing couple.

Oh! I almost forgot…I got some new fabrics in today…

A charm pack of Hello Betty! by Moda, in the retro colorway. I love it already. Look at those amazing teals, reds and greys.

More quilting tomorrow!

New Block on the Block

Here’s a sneak peek of…

The first block in Ezra’s quilt! Ezra is 3 months old, he’s my friend Griselda’s first baby, and he’s so cute I want to cuddle him! Unfortunately, I live in Austin and Gris lives in L.A., so she asked me to make him a quilt. She specifically requested reds, browns, and whites to match his baby gear — I threw in a bit of blue because I thought it would offset the darker colors nicely. Here’s the whole block:

I thought this would be a great time to use the wonky style log cabin blocks. It gives off a relaxed, creative, fun vibe — perfect for a little boy! What do you think?

On Tuesday, I bought some new yarn. It’s a bamboo blend, so it’s not only renewable, it’s also amazingly soft and is a gorgeous olive green.

Bonus: Odie is super pumped about it!

Tutorial for the hexagons is coming soon!