Vroom! Rawr!

I’ve decided to name Ezra’s quilt “Vroom! Rawr!” because of the numerous dinosaurs, animals and vehicles sprinkled about. Of course, Ezra can refer to it however he’d like (when he learns to talk!), I just have to have a name in my head to distinguish it from other quilts.

A peek at the new blocks I’ve done:

gotta love those lions!


Tripp and I had dinner tonight with an old friend of his that he worked with all during college. I was really happy to finally meet Andrew and his wife, Jenny — they were so much fun. We had dinner at a local and deliciously authentic Mexican food place. Mmm…those chicken tacos are to die for!

Also, this weekend one of my good friends from college got engaged. Congrats, honey! (I don’t want to say her name because I don’t know who she’s told). Her fiance is super nice and he is definitely a lucky guy, because she is a gem. They’ll be an amazing couple.

Oh! I almost forgot…I got some new fabrics in today…

A charm pack of Hello Betty! by Moda, in the retro colorway. I love it already. Look at those amazing teals, reds and greys.

More quilting tomorrow!


New Block on the Block

Here’s a sneak peek of…

The first block in Ezra’s quilt! Ezra is 3 months old, he’s my friend Griselda’s first baby, and he’s so cute I want to cuddle him! Unfortunately, I live in Austin and Gris lives in L.A., so she asked me to make him a quilt. She specifically requested reds, browns, and whites to match his baby gear — I threw in a bit of blue because I thought it would offset the darker colors nicely. Here’s the whole block:

I thought this would be a great time to use the wonky style log cabin blocks. It gives off a relaxed, creative, fun vibe — perfect for a little boy! What do you think?

On Tuesday, I bought some new yarn. It’s a bamboo blend, so it’s not only renewable, it’s also amazingly soft and is a gorgeous olive green.

Bonus: Odie is super pumped about it!

Tutorial for the hexagons is coming soon!


To pre-wash or not to pre-wash?

I have done this in the past — gone through about a million pages of quilting forums (they have forums for everything these days!), trying frantically to decide if I should just start already, or if I should have the patience to pre-wash.

So. I’ve just finished browsing the internets for more info on my beloved Kona cotton. I had my iron all ready to go. I’d settled on a pattern for Ezra’s quilt. I’d planned to have some serious squares cut today. I still may, but alas! My paranoia won’t let me avoid pre-washing.

I have my reasons!

1. I’ve read in more than one instance that the chemicals used to prepare fabric for dyeing/keep insects from destroying them (I’ve heard formaldehyde, don’t know how accurate that is) eventually make fabric shopping miserable for some, because they have become so allergic that they are physically uncomfortable in fabric stores. Man! I would never, ever want to be that person.

2. Bleeding, of course, is another factor. If I’ve just finished a quilt, I don’t want to wash it only to find out that Kona cotton does bleed (it doesn’t, as far as my experience goes. I have reds and browns in the wash right now, so we’ll see for sure when they’re done). I’ve washed White and Lagoon Kona Cotton together with no issue. Bleeding is not something I’m super afraid of, but to be frank, I don’t have the money to waste at the moment. I’m sure most people can understand that!

3. Funnily enough, I’m least worried about shrinkage, which is what I hear worries most people. I can understand why it’s a concern, so I’m listing it. It’s just not something I worry a lot about, personally.

Anyway. I’m too concerned about chemicals in fabric affecting me later, somehow. I avoid putting anything into my body that doesn’t need to be there. So for me, it puts me (impatiently and reluctantly) in the pre-wash camp. Unless I’m working with precuts. In which case, I stitch away!


A different type of stitch…

Besides deciding yesterday to try my hand at entrelac knitting, I also recently finished up a shawl I’ve been working on for a while now. It will be up in my etsy shop as soon as I get it properly blocked and photographed. It’s gorgeous! I think I’ll call it…well, I have a name for it, but you’ll have to wait until I get it on Etsy. Naming my creations is half the fun! Now for ze photos:

As you can see, the pattern is a pretty basic — k5, p5 for six rows, then switch — but I love it!



Also, I got some beauty in the mail today from MyNeedleandThread, a wonderful Etsy seller I just discovered. She was so helpful and sweet! Go check out her store — she has some adorable fabrics and her prices are amazing.

Last week, I was commissioned to create a quilt by a friend in Los Angeles for her new baby boy, Ezra. She wants it to be mostly reds/browns/whites (which just happen to be my favorite colors!) — this will be my first commissioned quilt, which I am very excited about.

The fabrics I’m working with are Kona cottons in Blueberry, Tomato, and Sable along with selections from the Retro Animal Party line by Amy Schimler for Robert Kaufman and a few from Boy Oh Boy by David Walker. Here’s a better shot of them.

I think I’ll use a log cabin style block for this one. I love log cabin blocks, and they showcase the fabrics beautifully!

I’m gonna work on this entrelac knitting until my Kona cottons come in!