I’ve been busy…

So. It’s been awhile since last posting. I can explain!

Tripp and I flew to NYC in mid January to film for an upcoming project. We were there for only 2 days but we got to see plenty of awesome sights! Here’s a photo we took at the American Museum of Natural History, which we loved, in case you can’t tell by those goofy grins.

After I got back from NYC, I spent a whole day in Austin before flying to CA to be with my family. My great aunt and great uncle were involved in a terrible accident on New Year’s Day, which was caused by a drunk driver. My great uncle died on the evening of the crash, but my great aunt has miraculously been recovering well. She’s actually beginning rehab right now. Her injuries were pretty extensive, lots of broken bones and various other issues. She’s definitely a tough cookie. If you could keep her in your thoughts and prayers, that would be much appreciated.

Anyway, I flew to CA to be with the family and to attend my great uncle’s memorial service. I was originally planning to stay for a week (I was flying standby) but I actually ended up staying in CA for closer to three weeks, due to issues with weather and snow and that sort of thing. While I was there I took up cross stitching again, as it’s a pretty portable and inexpensive craft. Something to take up my time, I suppose. Here’s one of the projects I recently finished, for Tripp:

My sewing machine (yes, the one I JUST bought) is on the fritz again, so I’ve been working on quilting Ezra’s quilt by hand. It’s time consuming, but I can do it.

This week I had a job interview, which I am really excited about. Keep those fingers crossed for me.

This weekend is also Valentine’s day. I think I may make a cake or some special heart-y cookies for Tripp and I, along with a special dinner of some sort. Do you have any big plans? Let me know in the comments.