The chaos!

Oy vey! I haven’t posted in almost two months, due to various travel (to Nathan and Jennifer’s lovely wedding) and a furiously packed work schedule…and now Tripp and I are in the midst of packing for…our move to Austin! We decided to move about a month ago, and yesterday was my last day at work. So now we’ve just got to get boxes filled and our truck packed up. We leave Saturday.

I have only sewn one square for my log cabin/bento box quilt:

first quilt block

It was inspired by Ashley’s Modified Bento Box quilt over at Film in the Fridge…but the problem is, it’s so beautiful that I don’t really want to cut it down to quarters. I think I’ll leave it whole and keep my second quilt top simple. Anyway, I do have all the pieces cut, so it’s just a matter of breaking out my sewing machine and having a free day, which should be fairly easy early next week, after we’re all moved in/unpacked.

Lately I’ve begun a new adventure — luckily it also involves stitches, but it’s more portable.
I found another source of inspiration at Tickled Pink Knits! I busted out my yarn collection (which I all too often ignore) and have begun to knit a cowl for myself out of a lovely (and ridiculously soft) brown bamboo yarn.

Hopefully it turns out well — I do hate ripping out stitches, especially when they are so hard-earned as they are in knitting!


So far, so good!